About ICMS

Island Children’s Montessori School (ICMS) has been a Bainbridge Island institution for nearly 40 years. 

ICMS is a small, family-oriented, private non-profit Montessori School for preschool and kindergarten aged children. 

Here at ICMS, we strive to provide a warm, engaging environment that encourages a child’s natural curiosity and cultivates a natural, life-long love of learning.


Our small class size and low student to teacher ratio allows us to provide a program that focuses on the development of each child at their own individual pace. 


Our staff is comprised of Montessori certified and public school certified teachers each with over 25 years teaching experience. Embracing the Montessori Philosophy, our teaching staff focus on each individual child’s needs: developmentally, socially and academically. 


Keeping this in mind, the program is tailored to reach each child at their own level.  In the classroom, teachers are guides and observers.  Children work together, learn from each other and form lasting friendships.   The environment encourages cooperation and mutual respect.  A visitor to the classroom will often observe groups of children working quietly together, laughing together and exploring the world around them.

 We are so grateful to all of the teachers for all of your support and kindness to the kids!--Desmond's Mom

"This place is the best!  Caring teachers, interesting activities for the students, healthy balance of play and learning time, caring teachers, great location/facility, agreeable rates and schedule, and did I mention the caring teachers?"--Jace's Dad.