Our Program

We offer flexible schedules tailored to the individual needs of each child.
3-day, 4-day or 5-day schedules are available. 

Our Curriculum

We meet the individual child's needs at their skill and interest level and encourage their natural curiosity and foster a love of learning.
On Thursdays, Gina Weibel brings Music With Gina to our class! We are excited to offer this preschool musicianship program to our students.

Our Day 

Each day involves time to freely explore the classroom and develop friendships.
Circle time encourages a sense of community.
We study science, art, music, geography, reading, writing, movement, math and sewing all in preparation for a successful transition to kindergarten/1st grade.
We encourage independence, confidence, exploration, respect, understanding, creativity, belonging and collaboration in preparation for success in the world.
Supervised group snack time and lunch provides a time to interact with friends, practice table manners and clean-up duties.
Each day includes time to play outside and gross motor activities.

Many thanks for all you do. You have a knack for bringing wonderful families together. We leave ICMS with new friends and Claire is well prepared for the big move to kindergarten--Claire's Mom
Thank you for everything you all do for our kiddos!  We appreciate it so much. Owen sang me the Continent song the other day and it was so cute!--Owen's Mom.

And we appreciate everything you have taught him and all of the love and care you have given him. Thank you for giving him the very best first year of preschool.--Will's Mom